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Push-Pull Connector - ODU MINI-SNAP

Push-Pull Connectors in Metal and Plastic

Push-Pull connectors with metal or plastic shells available in many sizes and outside diameters for different applications.

Metal shelf push-pull connectors (ODU MINI-SNAP)
Plastic shelf push-pull connectors (ODU MINI-SNAP PC)
Medical push-pull connectors (ODU MEDI-SNAP)
Modular Connector

ODU-MAC Modular Connector System

The ODU-MAC connector system consists of a variety of rugged, customizable frames and contacts for power, signal, coax, air couplings and fiber optic connections.

ODU-MAC in open frame
ODU-MAC in DIN housings
ODU MAC LC series
Heavy Duty Industrial Connectors

Heavy Duty Industrial Connectors

Designed to be used in severe industrial environments such as heavy-duty container handling equipment, heavy duty transport systems, machine tools, railroads, and steel mills.

Connector with threaded coupling system (Series 200)
Connector with bayonet locking (Series 300)
Single Contacts for High-Current Applications

Single Contacts for High-Current Applications

ODU offers a wide range of single contacts based on the ODU Springtac™ and ODU-Lamella™ design.

ODU springwire single contacts
ODU Springtac™ Flatsockets for flat contacts
Custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies

ODU custom made connectors and connector/cable combinations are designed and assembled to your specifications.

ODU custom connectors
ODU cable assemblies
Custom Connectors and Cable Assemblies

ODU DOCK Connectors for Automation

ODU DOCK connectors are ideally suited for machinery that requires continuous mating and demating under harsh industrial environments.

Standard ODU DOCK connector systems
NEW Rapid Replacement Head (RRH) System
ODU ROB - Robotic Connector System

ODU ROB - Robotic Connector System

Industrial robotic systems require robust and reliable connectors to maintain high productivity levels. With over 5,000 mating cycles possible, the ODU ROB robotic connector system meets the stringent demands of the automotive and industrial automation world.

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New - Advanced Military Connector (AMC) Series

New - Single POWER Connector (SPC)

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